Sulymaniya Steel Company

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Sulymaniya Steel Company was founded in 2013 to produce construction rebar  in all measurements (8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm,16 mm ,18 mm ,20 mm , 25 mm , 32 mm) And in 2015 the work was finish in foundation after strenuous efforts with  hard work and cooperation of all technical departments.

Our desire is to service the industrial sector of our country and increase domestic steel production and create jobs.
The annual production of the plant in the first stage are 18,000 to 192,000 tons for all rebar measurements.
In the second stage we plan to increase the production.
We depend on our production in steel scrap and used steel collection then melted down and re-produced.
Sulymaniya steel company properties
• we can produce Construction rebar according to international standards and we can produce with other standard as the customers demand.
• Providing job opportunities for citizens and can be confirmed by two ways
first, we join a staff of engineers and technicians, and it raise up to 350 persons.
Second indirectly through the work of people outside of the plant in the scrap collecting and transported to the plant and the number raise up to 600-650 persons.
• Keeping the environment clean by collecting scrap from all the cities and towns.